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Capturing the essence of Singapore’s everyday life. Free Stock Photos of Singapore for personal and commercial usage.

What is Singapore Stock Photo About?

When it comes to finding the perfect stock photo, Singaporeans have always had limited choices to work with. Even with the rise of new stock photo websites offering a wide range of high-quality images, it is still almost impossible to find something unique that captures the true essence of what Singapore is about. 

We are a bunch of freelancers who are sick of the thousand of generic, cookie-cutter images of Singapore and decided to start our own and the first Singapore Stock Photo site — housed initially at – Singapore Experience.

Free Singapore Stock Photo for personal useage

That is right! Everything here is free for personal and commercial use. We especially request each photo featured in our gallery for our photographers to take them.

Each photo is specially curated to ensure that they are unique and capture the actual lives of Singaporeans and what they interact with daily. The images are also reformated and edited to look natural yet professional so that you can use them instantly.

For commercial usage kindly contact us at

How does submitting help me gain exposure?

We distribute the photos on other platforms to make sure it gets maximum exposure, allowing you to gain viewership & possibly clients.

Like to submit or sell your Stock Photos of Singapore to us?

Interested in gaining exposure for your work while earning some extra income? Why not consider selling your stock photos to us? 

We are always open to contributions, whether you are a photographer or an artist; feel free to submit your work, and we will let you know if it passes our submission criteria. For more information, you can check out our submission requirements here.

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Stock photos are kindly sponsored by our clients I-Credit, Singpore moneylender, MySingaporeDriver Chauffeur Service,  My Singapore Kitchen – Private Chef & Private Dining Services Singapore.